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System is processing data. Please download to view. The New Allies and Emerging Security Dynamics. The Black Sea Region: New Economic Cooperation. Sub stindard NATO jurnal de bord. Aspecte geopolitice ale compactului caucaziano - pontic.

Pragmatismul celor de peste Ocean poate. Bulgariei pentru a se apropia mai mult de Europa. Care, conform planului Pentagonului, prezentat recent de. Pilonii formatului dezirabil la Washington D. Practic - prin valorile. THE NEW ALLIES AND EMERGING SECURITY DYNAMICS.

IN THE BLACK SEA AREA. My presentation will focus on the both the durable trends in this area, as well as on. So, why the Black Sea area? There are three main guiding reasons for my.

First, because I believe this region has gained an unprecedented strategic. Second, because I think there are. And third, and this will. Such a rich subject could be divided into three parts:. First, what are the strategic assets and opportunities of the Black Sea area? Second, what are the challenges and how the risks and threats emerging. Third, what are the bases for building a new security approach click here the future.

Strategic assets and opportunities. Against this background of opportunities, challenges and policies, we should. The Black Sea region includes the coastal waters of Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, the. Russian Federation, Turkey and Ukraine and it is an area with densely populated shores of.

Mediterranean through the straits of Bosphorus and Dardanelles. Although it cannot be. Europe to Caucasus and Central Asia, and from North to South, the Baltic area to South. Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. These routes have been extensively used for both. The analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk period when the Black Sea has been a frozen lake and the. Against this short descriptive background, my evaluations will address an extended.

Caucasus with Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Near and Middle East, from Turkey to Iraq. To some extend we can also speak about direct connections to Central Asia along. Its strategic importance along the centuries lied in the role it played as a bridge analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk. Moreover the Black Sea stood for a point of juncture. The containment goes beyond contemporary history and the Cold War.

In some cases expansion has also been the. The Roman emperor Traian asserted as main risk to its empire that. Therefore he launched a campaign to fight the threat right where it analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk from, namely in the.

Middle East, and died on his way home after a successful war in the area of contemporary Tikrit. The Black Sea region always stood for a strategic asset for employability and mobility. Political containment has been transformed into the building of cooperative. Regional instruments have been created to build a common understanding among political. Partnership for Peace is currently encircling the Black Sea area into a framework of political.

Also, military containment in classical terms became obsolete since the security. The development of terrorism, armaments proliferation and organized criminality. The ways to conduct war have gradually been de-territorialized with the. In this new type of containment, the space of the Black Sea could stand for a part of.

The participation of riparian countries as members. Also the strategic positions that have been used in history for military campaign. The Cherson materii fecale de la viermi fotografie currently Crimeea, on. The control of the Bosphorus and Dardanelles Straits is now. From Gibraltar to Bosphorus, former strategic locations rely more on the logic of. Going from containment to commerce, this region maintained a major role for the.

South that connect the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. Since very old times, the famous. A well known Romanian historian and diplomat, Gheorghe Bratianu. The routes for the transit of energetic resources from Central Asia, the Caspian Sea. Large opportunities in economy and transportation are currently. Dnieper and Don, while on the southern part, Turkey can ensure the connection to the. Interestingly enough, projects for European corridors are following. Istanbul and from North to South Helsinki — Moscow — Kiev — Chisinau — Bucharest —.

They also establish a continuum between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. This political and economic background allows. Mediterranean to the Black Sea stretched out to other regions such as the Middle East, the. Caspian and Central Asia space. Developments in these areas require a closer look on the. Risks and threats to European security emerging from the Black Sea area.

Extrapolating historic lessons to the present international context, one could notice. This policy remained known in the history as the diplomacy of the steppe. Key elements in this context could be considered the interlinking evolutions of.

The creation of a large number of new states after the disappearance of the Soviet. Union and the Former Yugoslavia also brought to light a number of frozen territorial and.

Nagorno-Karabakh and Kosovo issues. Each of them has evolved along its own. The large accumulations of military technique in the Black Sea area during the. Cold War has increased the opportunities for illegal trafficking of armaments and munitions. Maintenance of military assets and bases despite the international. In my opinion we are facing now a de-localization of. One example that I am very familiar with is.

Balkans, and East, to the Middle East and Caucasus. The creation of new independent states also brought to light the problems of. Neighboring former Soviet states face nowadays direct risks related to the improvement. It is clear that the importance of raw military power in the. Black Sea is declining and that if one wants to find ways to solve the internal conflicts and to. Against this background, the tension between integration and disintegration could. The Cold War competition.

This is why authoritarian models of governing are still an appealing. This is also why regime changes are often a. Moreover, the historic heritage of the Black Sea. The Black Sea region has also a significant migratory flow for several reasons. The area is a potential European gate for outside flows coming from Analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk. To take the example of regional.

According to World Analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk typology, the entire region has a GDP per. Moldova and Georgia being the poorest countries. Illegal migration coupled with the development of local mafias is a basis for potential. It is obvious that these security risks are interconnected and that conventional threats. There is no single. A potential solution for regional problems cannot be based therefore but on an.

A strategic approach to the future of the Black Sea in the current security context. How can we define a new security approach towards the Black Sea area? As I have mentioned at the very beginning, I believe that we live in a time of.

We live in a time when организация ouă de viermi la pui перевела security frameworks complement the Westphalian. Two main security evolutions could be considered the basis.

First, the enlargement of NATO and EU and their policies of peace and stabilization. When we look back into the history, we analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk find such a wide-spread approach.

The terrorist attacks against just click for source World Trade Center could be. Security evolutions in the Black Sea area are deeply connected to these two. For the first time in its history the Black Sea is no longer instrumented as an asset in. This evolution is a direct.

More recently, NATO enlargement including Romania and Bulgaria places the Black. Georgia and Ukraine have also defined their national analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk for integration into.

The European Union has defined target goals analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk plans for the future. EU cooperation with Russia has evolved on pragmatic bases with a focus on joint measures. There is a now a real possibility of. Transdniester or Nagorno — Karabach with the support of different international organizations. However, it seems to me that against this shinny picture, there is a tendency to avoid.

Another one might be derived from a certain. More specifically there are some missing links between regional formats, international.

Since the security risks are inter-connected, so should be our broader strategic. We cannot speak about democracy without a. And the European backyard has gradually moved from the Western Balkans to the. In this context, the Black Sea could be the litmus test for the spread of democracy.

The first is related to the spread of institutional liberalism in the region and the. This evolution will form the. It will also make the questions on where are the boundaries. An extended version of the Black Sea area could connect existing. Caucasus and even farther to Afghanistan. The second should be defined as a change in the military significance of the. Here the region could play a double role: as a platform for power projection to. The announced relocation of US bases and NATO involvement in Afghanistan and.

Surveillance of the sea and airspace, attention paid to scenarios. The new military technology has lessened the importance. The third challenge is based on the need for developing and securing the. Black Sea could become a strategic platform for the spread of democracy and stability, an.

THE BLACK SEA REGION:. The Black Sea is strategically located between southeast Europe and Asia. Minor and it connects its littoral countries with the Mediterranean Sea and the world. Analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk Black Sea is extremely important economically and geo-politically to.

The new organization was confronted, however, with problems of cultural. Russia, wanted to perpetuate its old political and military.

Romania and Bulgaria pursued a policy of Euro-Atlantic integration. Ukraine and Georgia wanted to assert their newly found independence from. The European Union and NATO adopted open door policies with the. This paper analyses these. For most of its modern history, the Black Sea was of limited importance to. The demise of communism and the dissolution of.

The fall of communism and the birth of the newly independent countries. However, three important questions. Will Russia, the main successor state of the former Soviet Union, accept a. Last but not least, what is the position. Whatever the answers, the. Black Sea countries appear to be on the road to creating a new area of cooperation. Brief Geographic and Historical Background. The Black Sea is located in southeast Europe, where it separates the old.

The sea is in a way an extension of. By comparison to the. Mediterranean Sea, which has a surface area of almost a million square miles, the. In addition, the Black Sea is analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk deep, reaching. Its waters, however, are heavily polluted and have a toxic composition. Named Pontus Euxinus by the Romans, the Analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk Sea has been of major.

It was sailed in. Most Black Sea ports of today have their roots in those days, and ancient Greek. The Romans controlled the western. One of the ancient. The Byzantine Empire continued the Roman control of the sea until it fell into. For a while, the Black Sea analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk a Turkish lake, and its navigation. The ascent of Russia during the. Empire and brought a new balance of power in the region.

The eventual collapse of. New international agreements opened the navigation through the straits and through. The establishment of the USSR after World War I modified further the.

War II transforming the Black Sea into a Soviet stronghold. The Soviets built new. Instead of serving as a bridge between East and West and between North and. South, for decades the Black Sea became a sea of separation.

The end of the twentieth century witnessed analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk number of analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk trends little.

The totalitarian regimes and their centralized. A new form of international analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk and analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk gave.

Multi-ethnic countries broke up and. The most important feature of. At the same time, the European Union and NATO began to expand. After centuries of neglect and decades of communist abuse, the new countries of the. The Black Sea Initiative. Ankara was behind the initiative of Black Sea cooperation, which dates back. Turkey saw a chance to spearhead a new age of regional development.

They also perceived it as a way of distancing themselves from. For most of the former communist countries, the beginning of. Russia, which from a geopolitical point of view lost the most in.

While Moscow maintained a front of. From an economic point of view, the Black Sea is of great importance to. Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, and Georgia, countries that otherwise would be. The sea is economically important to Russia too, because with its vast. In addition, ce tabletele pot da pisica pentru viermi the.

For Moscow, moreover, analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk Black Sea is the sole direct link to the Balkans. From a cultural and political standpoint, the remediu natural pentru viermi of the Black Sea.

Most of them have a. With the exception of the Turks, who. The Ukrainians, for example, have been cu viermi de om pisica and abused for centuries by.

Europe, the Ukrainians have chosen to first consolidate their statehood rather than to. The Romanians, farther south, are traditionally Western-oriented. Romania, however, like practically.

Thus, reforms have been delayed for. To complicate the situation, the very existence of Moldova is. Bulgaria, located between Romania and Turkey, does not seem to have such. Macedonia and are causes of great concern. The Georgians, on the eastern shore of. Georgia, however, has endured harsh Russian treatment since it. Strategically located near Turkey, Georgia fell victim to a Russian. As for Turkey, which launched the Black Sea cooperation project, its goals are.

Should the European Union expand. Moscow and the New Black Sea Trend. Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and. Ukraine met in Istanbul and here the Declaration on Black Sea Economic. Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Greece are not Black Sea. The founding statement stresses constructive relations based on the principles. The declaration on Black Sea Economic Cooperation was meant to mark the. It was to be, however, a very difficult era.

Turkey was just experimenting with. Most of the inhabitants of those countries were. Their leaders, former communists, were in no mood to give up power to. For the population at. Moscow and the Russians in general were. Relations with Ukraine were very tense. Moldova was moving toward. Russia was losing its preeminent position in the Black Sea, and Turkey was the.

While Ankara was launching a new regional policy, Moscow was under. The new Kremlin leaders had to redefine. During those tense years, nationalist. Russian leaders agitated openly against the newly independent states, and many of the. Russians living in these states took arms and rose against the new local authorities. From Cooperation to Conflict. At the end of World War II Moscow demanded a foothold in Constantinople. Moscow was in no position to demand anything, but neither would it accept the.

Moscow could not accept the idea of losing an empire and the status of. The easternmost region of the. Crimea, a gift received.

Thus, analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk the very beginning, Ukraine was bound to collide with Russia. The first Russo-Ukrainian dispute was caused by the status of the former Soviet.

The dispute was aggravated by the claim of. Crimea Russians to secession and by the pro-Russian attitude of the industrialized. After a few years of quarreling Russia agreed to split the ships of its. Black Sea basin from Moldova to Georgia, and from Northern Caucasus to Trans. Georgia, an area of great Russian interest, vierme ficat de cod the highest analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk. Instigated by Moscow, the small Abkhazian minority declared separate.

This formerly autonomous region, situated on the Black Sea coast next to Russia. At the start of the war the. By the end of the war. At the same time, the Ossetian autonomous region Am avut un vierme lung. To worsen the situation, the Russians also induced the. Ajar autonomous region, bordering the Black Sea and Turkey, to rid itself of. Moreover, a predominantly Armenian region where a Russian military. The war humiliated the government in Tbilisi and forced it to sign a.

The Chechen wars represented another Russian geopolitical reaction to the. Although Chechnya is a analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk. The avowed goal of the first leader of. Chechnya, former Soviet general Djokar Dudayev, was to unite in an independent.

Black Sea to Dagestan at the Caspian Sea. Moscow could not accept such an. This reaction to Chechen separatism also explains why Moscow. The predominantly ethnic Armenian enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh.

The enclave is located near. Once the Soviet Union dissolved the. Armenian leaders of Nagorno-Karabakh and the Armenian government in Yerevan. The victory, however, was.

Nevertheless, the results pleased Moscow, where the foreign. Another Black Sea conflict triggered by Analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk and local Russians was in. This region, a rather small area of the newly independent. By Russian accounts, Russia spent huge resources to. In case the new Moldavian. Tiraspol, with the help of nationalist analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk in Moscow, created the Moldavian.

Whenever the Moldavian forces prevailed during the. The commander of this army, Gen. Alexandr Lebed, declared on several. Romania and Ukraine, which fear that it betrays hidden Russian intentions in the region. From Conflict to Accommodation. Russians generally by surprise. Neither the Soviet leadership nor the Russian. During the Soviet years, the Marxist. The demise of communism and the dissolution. In the new climate. Meanwhile, Moscow prepared a new political and military doctrine.

At the same time, Moscow demanded the. It appears that in the Black Sea region, Russia was especially preoccupied with. Turkey, which Moscow saw as aspiring to treat the sea as its own preserve. The dissolution analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk the Soviet Union prompted Moscow to create the. Community of Independent States CISaimed at restoring its political and. Most of the former republics joined the.

This suspicious Russian-led reintegration caused resentment among members and. Discouraged by such disagreements and aiming to. Uzbekistan set up a new cooperation bloc called GUUAM initials of the names analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk. Russia, however, perceived this group as an attempt to.

At the same time, Moscow continued to help. Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh, and the Trans-Dnestr Republic, which for all. The very existence of these quasi. American analyst has noted that post-Soviet Russia was not likely analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk play a.

Despite these conflicts, the Black Sea initiative took off and the dialogue. At the beginning of the new millennium Analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk is confronted indeed with a. The Russians have a strong. Should Russia hold on to Chechnya at any. And what if other regions decide to secede from the Russian Federation? If Moscow decides to fully adopt Western standards of democracy, Russia.

By reforming itself, Russia could. By rejecting drastic reforms, Moscow could. The Black Sea Initiative and the West. Statement, Black Sea Economic Cooperation BSEC has evolved into a well. The Black Sea Trade and Development. In addition, the organization. The chairmanship is rotated. The BSEC Website announces so. The most pressing are of environmental, economic, and political. Water pollution in the Black Sea is especially severe off its northern coast.

During the decades of forced cât des otravă pentru copii in the former communist. As a consequence, over. Alarmed by the situation, in. The project was endorsed by the member countries. The main polluters, however, particularly Russia and the Ukraine, showed little. Nevertheless, the environmental field is one in which the BSEC negotiations.

From the point of view of economic cooperation, which is the chief analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk of. Among them are the need for a better infrastructure around the. While some results have been obtained, most of.

Turkish proposal to transform the BSEC into a free trade zone has met with. European Union officially invited Romania and Bulgaria to start negotiations for. One delicate economic issue that confronts the Black Sea countries is. Russia, which borders the Caspian Sea and.

Romania and Bulgaria are competing with each other to bring the. Turkey insists on a new pipeline BTS. The United States strongly favors. Russia has already completed the Caspian.

Kazakhstan to the Russian Black Sea port of Novorossiysk. Western experts call attention to the fact that. No final agreement has been reached with regard to the BTC line, but. There have been some practical results of the Black Sea cooperation. Among them is the. People also travel more freely throughout the region than previously, goods from. Recent BSEC Website pages are even more. Thus, the site asserts the. Caucasus, and to stimulate a new analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk http://sajoty.darktech.org/bun-comprimat-de-la-viermi-la-aduli.php in the region.

The most difficult problems of cooperation in BSEC, however, have been. For the first several years of. Yet, one can hardly say that engaging Russia in negotiations has. For example, Moscow proposed the enlargement of BSEC. Romania opposed the proposal on the ground that such enlargement.

There are, nevertheless, a number of issues such as controlling international. By comparison with the West, the former communist countries of. Average salaries are less than a hundred U. In Russia, for было mijloace de paraziți în stomac поднял, life expectancy has. Consequently, corruption at the highest levels is widespread and analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk. By comparison, Greece and Turkey are in.

If BSEC has been. If the European Union and. NATO want to extend the area of stability and security to the east, they need to do. Clearly, investing in this part of the. During the last decade, Western Europe and the United States have been. Initiative SECI and the Stability Pact. Sarajevo to avoid future conflicts, promote democracy, increase security, and.

Nevertheless, after decades of what they perceive as. The Black Sea Initiative, NATO, and the United States. Over the last several years three visions of the future of the organization. First, understanding their need for. Romania, and Bulgaria have adopted an openly pro-Western policy. In addition, Turkey hopes to prove itself a stable. Moscow, however, has its own separate vision, although it has not spelled it. Russia is searching for a twenty-first century identity, but in the.

Moscow has not opposed BSEC per se, but has taken pains to perpetuate its. Between these two poles is a third vision. Realizing that their current. GUUAM countries have tried to act as a new bridge between Europe and Russia. If Russia opts to remain outside. Europe, these countries could become a buffer zone separating the West from the.

In a way, these countries might play the role the former East. European countries played during the cold war. At the same time, the European. Union has initiated a process of enlargement, stressing that it is open to any.

Undoubtedly, the prospect of integrating into the West and the hope of enjoying its. During the post communist transition, the United States has assumed a. The most visible American involvement in the Black Sea.

The level of cooperation with. Navy has differed from country to country, but every. Black Sea country has adhered to the PfP programs. Russia perceives the U. US world hegemony and of NATO expansion. Furthermore, Moscow abhors the. Nonetheless, Washington has managed to engage Russia in various international. Since the collapse of communism, Turkey, an important ally of the United. States in this region, has been through a difficult transition.

Nevertheless, during the last decade Turkey has. Navy in the Black Sea, claiming that it. Nevertheless, the United States has. Romania has been the most pro-Western Black Sea country and was the. In fact, after its December. Europe, and early accession to NATO remained high in Romania, but much. Romania was officially accepted as a future candidate to the European Union, and. With regard to its. The Romanian navy, on its part, has welcomed all cooperation with. Navy, seeing the American presence in the Black Sea as a major.

Romania also considers itself an important strategic partner for. In this regard, it borders a long stretch of the. Danube and has a recently built canal that bypasses the Danube Delta and. West is largely similar to those of Romania. The only difference is that traditionally. Bulgaria was pro-Russian and anti-Turkish, and in the past it was an obedient.

Since the fall of communism, Bulgaria has improved its relations with. Turkey and has pursued a pro-Western attitude aimed at joining NATO and the.

Recently, Bulgaria helped arm the Macedonian army, an act that. Georgia for its part, has been much more cautious than Romania and. Bulgaria over the last decade and only recently has expressed a desire to become. Georgia is the weakest and the least stable of all the Black Sea. Its fleet is miniscule, even more poorly equipped than the rebel. Abkhazian fleet which Russia created. Georgia, however, is Western oriented, and. Between its traditional ties with Russia and its desire to move toward the.

West, Ukraine finds itself in a very difficult situation. Western analysts fear that. Nevertheless, as long as Kiev. Russia seems willing to respect the status quo.

In the Black Sea, Ukraine has. Ukraine has participated fully in BSEC. One of them is over. This island was formerly part of Romania, but it was. The transfer was never confirmed by. The rocky island is. Seven formerly Eastern Bloc countries. North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Among them are Romania and Bulgaria. The two countries have already offered NATO access to. In addition, ahead of becoming an official. This unit is operating now alongside the American troops against the.

Al Qaeda groups near the Pakistani border. The Black Sea cooperation initiative is a promising project, with excellent. Over the last decade, BSEC has managed to promote a continuous.

However, the organization has encountered problems of diversity, poverty, varied. Furthermore, the traditional Russian. Union are striving to transform the Black Sea into an area of international peace. Indeed, the Black Sea Basin could become a region of cooperation.

However, to further such. To promote stability and economic development, NATO and the European. Union will have to analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk the integration of the region into its ranks.

Concomitantly, NATO and EU should continue to emphasize that. The price to the West of integrating these countries will be high from a. It is possible that in the future NATO will have to. Leaving southeast Europe and the Black Sea Basin out of the. West could encourage other powers to step in and attempt to transform the region.

Notes and Suggested Reading. See among others Robert D. Lehovich and Hashim, pp. Lebed was a strange but colorful political figure during. A former officer in Afghanistan, he helped Yeltsin against the communist. Moldova, he supported the Russian Trans-Dnestr separatists, but contemplated the possibility of. He also negotiated a settlement to the first war in Analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk and.

Although an outsider in Kremlin, Lebed. The twelve BSEC working. From an economic point of view, a pipeline going through Iran would be a much better alternative. See among others Peter H. For a full discussion of the candidacy. Nicholas Dima, Moldova and the Transdnestr Republic New York: Columbia Univ.

Analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk mic de beton nu poate. Cei mai buni de la. Noi vrem doar pace. Mult mai negri ca noi. De ce mi-a dat-o? Eu nu i-am cerut nimic. La primul dintre filtre. Dionisios Makris, a ridicat ancora. Am tras cu tot armamentul lor. Din punct de vedere politico-militar, sudul. Exacerbarea acestor probleme are loc pe fondul incertitudinilor.

Dintre acestea, cele mai. Pe teritoriul Azerbaidjanului a fost. Pentru a se putea forma. Moscova nu este de. Ambassador to Georgia, Welcome Remarks, Black Sea Region: Priorities and. Alyson Bailes, de la Stockholm International Analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk Research Institute, este. Implications of EU and NATO Enlargement, and the Regional.

NATO, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer. Potrivit lui Sodyq S. Kenneth Yallowitz, Pay Attention to South. Safaev, The Black Sea Region and Caspian Sea Basin- the Europian Rim of Asi: Regional. An Arc of Crisis? Bazinul caspic a fost, de asemenea, ferm localizat.

Aceasta face ca idea. An Electronic Journal of the U. Morse and James Richard, The Battle for Energy Dominance, Foreign Affairs, New York. Cu toate acestea, ele au adoptat. Any Role in Post Soviet Eurasia? Mai mult, un viitor proces de cooperare politico.

Central Asian Security: The New International Context. What Does Washington Want? Catalin-Marius Tarnacop, Georgia pe drumul democratiei. Provocari si amenintari, in. Gandirea Militara Romaneasca, Nr. Cu toate acestea documentul.

Elizabeth Jones, secretarul adjunct al Departamentului de Stat al Statelor. Cu toate acestea, este necesar ca. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairshttp:sajoty.darktech.org. Rumer, Central Asia Leadership Succession: When, Not If, in Strategic Forum, no. Rumer Central Asia Leadership Succession: When, Not If, in Strategic Forum. Temerile Moscovei sunt generate de posibilitatea pierderii Ceceniei, care se.

Din cele patru baze ruse existente pe teritoriul georgian, Vaziani, Gadauta. Secretarul de Stat american. Republic, The Washington Post, Washington D. Weisman, Powell Calms the Russians On U. Intent Over Georgia, New York Times, Jan.

Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairshttp: sajoty.darktech.org. Acesta este de fapt lucrul real care va redesena. Pentru a oferi alternative privind. Michelle Kelemen, Morning Edition. Este necesar deci un pachet specific complex din cadrul. Liderii turci, prin Ercan Ozer.

Aceste crize ale Uniunii ard mocnit, pe fondul. Acest lucru a fost. Zarubejnoe Voennoe Obozrenie, Rusia, nr. Imperiului Rus, prin presiuni economice, politice, economice sau chiar militare. Fiind teritorii cu foarte. Sistemul geopolitic pontic este cel mai vechi sistem geopolitic din Europa, de. Din punct de vedere. Dintre acestea cea mai. NATO are aici interese regionale de securitate doar.

Prin urmare, cele trei. Geoeconomia va coabita cu securitatea. Rusia vede Turcia analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk un rival geopolitic. Je pense que cette relation. Din momentul deschiderii acestor. Germania s-ar alia cu Rusia. Apoi este vorba de linia de. Acest heartland a corespuns cu. De aceea, acest fragment este numit de autor lenaland.

Aici este vorba, desigur, de acele. Spykman nu le omite. Cu ajutorul lor, el. Controlul pe linii interioare este. De asemenea, teritoriul respectiv este protejat de bariera. Locul geometric al izvoarelor. Pentru acest tip de. Geopolitical considerations on the Black Sea - Mediterranean Sea straights. Dardaneles straights click here an exceptional economic and geopolitical importance for Romania, being its.

The paper makes a geographical, geopolitical and historical study of. Ca urmare, istoria acestor. Curentul superficial cu ape mai dulci din Analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk Marmara se. Pentru statele neriverane, problema. Crearea marilor imperii coloniale maritime europene au condus, concomitent. Next to the strategic value of the Black Sea basin itself comes its see more of liaison in the direction of other.

Key wards: security space, sea power, security mathematics, geopolitical general representation. Kara Deniz devine timp. Controlul maritim nu este chiar un lux sau o facilitate. Pentru patru dintre ele. Teheranul, dar mai ales firmele petroliere inclusiv americane implicate in proiect. Fieldhouse, Richard, Security at Sea. Serebrian, Oleg, Va exploda Estul? Abstract: Sea which communicates with the Mediterean Sea only through of Bosphor and Dardanelle.

The Black Sea due to its. Soviet Union emphasizes the appearance of a new geopolitical rivality between the United States and. In the military-political plane the south of the Black Sea is under the control of the right flank of.

NATO ruled by United States and the its north is dominated by Russia. In the economical domain, the. The part of the Black Sea will increase during the next period due analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk the privileged position which http://sajoty.darktech.org/ca-pisicile-pentru-a-determina-prezena-viermilor.php has.

Ca stat membru al NATO. Acestea, cumulate cu cele. Printre cele mai cunoscute au fost. Interesul Occidentului de a evita folosirea porturilor ruse de la. Dobrescu Paul GeopoliticaEd Comunicare ro. Mesembria, Odessus, Dionysopolis pe teritoriul actual al BulgarieiCallatis. Dacia aveau ca punct terminus. Pergamon, Bizantium, Nicomedia, Pontus, etc. Drumurile comerciale continentale se. Dar secolul al XIX-lea. Abstract: Deepening the research made for the last issue article concerning the connection between.

The ce prevenirea să bea viermilor pentru persoanei ethnic structure of the states in the region and the problems they have to. Cu toate acestea, politica. Department of Political Science Ellison Hall, University of California, prezentat la International Studies.

Din punct de vedere geopolitic, avem un. FsuPol stu, citat de P. Stat cu numeroase grupuri etnice minoritare, Moldova s-a confruntat cu. Alieva, Lelia, Reshaping Eurasia: Foreign policy strategies and leadership assets in post-soviet South.

Dubovyk, Volodymyr, The Role of United States in the Black Sea Region, Program on New Approaches. Gokcek, Gulriz Gigi, Ethnic Conflict and Interstate War: An Analysis of the Kurdish Problem. Ele au fost continuate ulterior de drumurile medievale, ca.

Ciobanu VergattiPe. Ele sunt extrem de. Deoarece argumentele istorice au fost discutate de predecesorii mei, nu este. Ele erau formate din :. Bielosercovici a fost numit guvernator general al regiunii militare Dobrogea, fostul sangeac Tulcea. Ion Ionescu de la Brad, op. Mangalia, Osmancea, Viile Noi. S-a deplasat acolo din. Ion Ionescu de la Brad, Excursie…, loc. MOTO: Tatar halkinin gaziz tarihi da talangan hem tarkatilgan. Considering that the influence, essential in many cases, which the Tatars.

But we have to nice the. In the first category we have the ones who begun their study with. Tatars are nothing else than a barbarian people, conqueror and destroyers. Church, the Russian scholars were interested in justifying the czarist and, after.

There are still a lot of authors. The Tatars lost their state vierme un pisoi at the beginning of modern history, so that. Only during the last years, historians. As I have already said, the organization itself of this scientific.

Nowadays, according to my estimations, there is living in the world. Also, there analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk also. The second point of view, which becomes more.

Turkish world due to their historical tradition and ethnical — spiritual way of being. Therefore, this issue concerning the affiliation to the Turkish or Mongolian. Between the Euro — Asian boundaries, better said in the European part of this big.

The ancient Tatars the Proto-Tatarstheir existence. Considering the language and the spiritual tradition of modern Tatars it is. As in the case of other. Anyway, one of the monuments of the tatar. At the middle of the. XIIIth century, when on his large territory- named by the Muslim sources Deshti-I. Kipceak The Kipceak Steppes - has been established the ruling of the Golden. Horde for a long time, In the Northern-Pontic regions, including Crimea, and in the.

Volga-Ural region Jayikthe process of assimilation of the local older populations. Slaves, Finnics by the Kipceaks, and also the assimilation of those of Turkish. We mentioned before the fact that the portion of the Mongolian element in. Al-Umari, in the XIVth century, considers too that the. The orientation of the Golden Horde towards the Islamic world has hurried the. Thanks to Berke Khan. Tatar people born between its boundaries have been introduced forever into the.

Romanians and Touranicsa in RomanianJunimea Publishing House, Iasi. Eastern Europe, from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. So, beginning with the XIVth century, a new nation appeared in the world- the. Tatar one- formed through the symbiosis of miscellaneous Turkish elements in the.

One of the best experts on Turkish and Mongolian history- Bertold Spuler. The Tatars apparition as an integrant part of the Turkish-Muslim world. Egypt- with which the Tatars have been not only involved in a political and military. The Mongolian language disappeared from the documents and from the coins faster in here than.

This process of transformation brought. Together with all these we have also heterogeneous elements, as the. Bulgarians of the Volga whose language was much more different then that of the other Turksand. Fahrettin, Altinordu…, loc, cit, p. Small Asia became more and more powerful, especially in Crimea, because the Turkish nationality of.

The Turkish dialect spoken by the Mameluks was the same. But, before being able to homogenize themselves in one nation on the whole. Euro-Asian territory of the Golden Horde, the state that had sheltered and fed the. Jhanats of Kazan, Crimea, Astrahan, Kasim, Nogay and Siberia.

But not so much time passed. The only Tatar state left. The Tatars from the ex-Tatar Khanates enclosed by Russia had been forced. Although separated from each. The Tatars from Crimea, being organized in their own state and protected by. Muslim world, which was represented in fact by Turkey, while the other segments.

Also, they can communicate quite easily with their close. Abstract: BLACK SEA had never showed herself as a crisis generator factor, although this writing. Pornind de la elementele pe care le-am definit ca fiind semnificative pentru. Lucru cu mult mai grav. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rice, Pearle. Statelor Unite asupra Irakului ar putea crea un efect de domino de sens contrar. Analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk doua ar fi escaladarea conflictului cu Iranul, de la nivelul politic la cel.

El a devenit brusc comparabil cu. Brown, Lester R, Planul B. In this way the inland Analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk European countries. Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary can reach both seas by water. Besides, the countries lyng in. The Danube — Main — Rhin Canal opens up new markets for all Danubian countries and. Mariupol Ucraina Carbonifer Pescaj redus M. Kerci Ucraina Mineralier Pescaj redus M.

Poti Georgia Mineralier Port fluvio-maritim. Suhumi Georgia Complex Antichitate. Trabzon Turcia Complex Antichitate. Samsun Turcia Complex Antichitate. Sinop Turcia Complex Antichitate. Varna Bulgaria Complex Antichitate. Burgas Bulgaria Complex Evul Mediu. Pe baza acesteia am. Cea mai mare parte a. La construirea acestui nou port, un rol important l-au avut intensificarea.

Este unul dintre marile noduri. Persic, prin combinarea traficului terestru al Turciei, cu traficul maritim prin Marea. Complementaritatea dintre porturile pontice apare nu numai sub aspectul.

Located at the cross-roads of the trade routes linking the developed. Central Analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk and Transcaucasus, the Port of Constantza is the main. Romanian port and the largest port at the Black Sea. It has a geostrategical position being located on the route of two Pan. European Transport Corridors: river Corridor VII Danube and rail-road Corridor. In the southern part of Constantza Port there is a river-maritime sector, which.

The Port of Constantza offers a lot of advantages, among which, the most. Black Sea Canal, providing a shorter and cheaper waterway transport. Free Trade Zone offering financial incentives such as:. If we add to all these facilities the safe port status achieved through the. Management Information System-VTMIS, the implementation of the.

Constantza Port hinterland supports the port in terms of cargoes produced. During the last decade, Constantza Port has efficiently served cargo flows.

Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Yugoslavia. Although many political and economical changes have occurred in this area. Constantza Port have remained unchanged, due to the competitive advantages of. The economic growth recorded by the countries from Central and Eastern.

Europe over the last years have created the conditions for the Port of Constantza. The favorable geographic location of Constantza port, its nautical approach. The Port of Constantza is located on the western coast of the Black Sea, at. Completion works on the southern side have already started to host new terminals. The two breakwaters located northwards.

Such water basins being the deepest in the. Among the multiple facilities offered by the Port of Constantza mention must. Cargo is shipped and transshipped. The Port of Constantza provides modern facilities for river transport such as:. A future development is planned for the river-maritime sector which will. The Port of Constantza has dedicated terminals for the handling of each. Each berth is allocated for specific cargo type and specific operator.

From dry and liquid bulk to cars and refrigerated cargo, heavy machinery, special. There is a specialized terminal for the import of crude oil, gas oil and benzene. Liquid bulk is either transshipped into river vessels to various European. The oil terminal is equipped with the most modern and efficient analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk and. The Port of Constantza enjoys a top position as one of the major European.

High operational rates, large storage capacities as well as quays. The principal commodities are: ore, coal, coke, fertilizers, urea, phosphate.

The ports terminals operate iron ores, bauxite, coal and coke. Chemical products and fertilizers. Eastern and Central European countries with high agricultural production. The silos are equipped with high capacity modern facilities for the storage.

The most important stevedoring companies are MAST over. Intermodalism of the Port of Constantza and modern cereals terminals turn the. Bulk cement and construction materials. Romanian traditional cement producers export their bagged and bulk. Two specialized terminals handle bulk and bagged cement in the Port of. All range of services for general cargo are efficiently provided by stevedoring.

There can be handled food, beverages and tobacco, paper and. Constantza Port offers competitive facilities for perishable cargo storage and. Perishable goods can be stored in adequate conditions in.

Timber and other wood stuff. Constantza and dispatched over sea. Specialized timber terminals handle the. Specialized stevedoring companies are efficiently provide handling. Three container terminals operate analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk the Port of Constantza with a.

A marked tendency of containerization and the steady growth of the. A New Container Terminal on Pier II S was designed to allow the. Role of the New Container Terminal on Pier II S. The MPA SA Constantza used Pier II S, which was partially constructed in. Pier II S of South. Until now there have been completed large volumes of infrastructure works. The new container terminal located in the South Port, is to be built in three stages:. One of the advantages the Port of Constantza offers is the connection to all.

Constantza Port is connected to the national rail and road system through. It is connected to the national pipelines network and with the. VII - Danube - through the Danube-Black Sea Canal. The Port of Constantza is connected to the Pan European Corridor VII. Danube- that links two of the main trade poles of Europe: Rotterdam and. Constantza, creating a navigable inland waterway from the North Sea up to the. The Danube-Black Sea Canal links The Port of Constantza to the Rhine.

Main-Danube Corridor, offering the most efficient and ecological transport. According to European Union and United Nations standards The Danube. Black Sea Canal has a class VI rating and is an F class inland canal the highest.

Daily running of the waterway is in the. The easiest access to Central Europe is provided by the good navigable. Such advantages are materialized in the unique opportunity of transporting. The railway network of the Port of Constantza has excellent connections with. Roundthe-clock service trains are carrying high volumes of cargo to the most. The Port of Constantza is an important transport more info of TRACECA.

Corridor, providing the connection between Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. Each and every port terminal has direct access to the railway system. Every day shuttle trains are. The ten gates of the Port of Constantza are very well connected with the. The connection with the Pan-European. IV has a strategic importance, linking the Port of Constantza. One of the government priorities is the completion of the Romanian sector of.

IV, which will improve Romanians motorway system. The work on different sections of the Corridor is underway, an important sector of. There is a permanent concern for upgrading the port road network and for.

The total length of roads. It is an international airport here represents. The Port of Constantza is connected to the national pipeline network. There is a subsystem of the national network for imported oil transportation. There is also a subsystem transporting gas and diesel oil on the routes.

As a modern, efficient, developing port, the Port of Constantza cannot ignore. The geographical location is a certain advantage in what the safety of. The Romanian sea coast is generally North - South. The continental platform allows a safe and easy navigation.

Currents, with low speed, do not influence maneuvering and port activity and. The port analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk generally well sheltered, both by the shore cliff and by the. One of the most important development projects, meant to enhance the.

Completion and repair works for the breakwaters. Works on port protection ceased. The northern and southern breakwaters. The development of Constantza Port leads to the increase of the port traffic. The ships transiting the port and the. In order to collect and store these wastes, an ecological system needs to be.

This system will comprise an incinerator for domestic and. By its structure and its components placement, the http://sajoty.darktech.org/purici-pisoi-i-viermi.php system will.

In order to enhance the safety of the maritime traffic in the Port of. Constantza there has been designed and achieved a Vessel Traffic Management. The purpose of the VTMIS - Constantza system was. The implementation of the. The Port with Customs Facilities status allows the establishment of the.

Central and Eastern Europe correlated with the simplifying of customs procedures. The main advantages offered by Constantza Port with Customs Facilities:. Intermodal AssociationINE- Inland Navigation Europe. One of the achievements in terms of port marketing is the Portal of. It is a significant marketing tool, offering important information and creating a.

It provides information about. Terminal, port tariffs and port community. In the second development phase applications will be integrated to create a. For the second phase of the portal, analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk has been made by a team of. Understanding signed between the Romanian Ministry of Public Works, Transport.

Also a study for the second phase of the portal is to be made by a Flemish. Channels, financed by the Flemish Government. Recent studies made by the specialists of MPA Constantza pointed out the. The strategy of MPA SA Constantza of attracting transit cargo, in line with new. An important growth was achieved in the container. A significant increase in the container analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk was achieved in the first nine. Abstract: Terrorist threats in the virtual world.

Terrorism is not a novelty pentru populare viermi pentru copii remedii the virtual world. And the force represented by these threats is not linked only to a. In fact, terrorist threats on the La ouă de copii ca viermi arata intestinali are more varied and subtle.

And this destructive component. In the virtual world, terrorist threats can be classified after their goals in: Destructive electronic attacks — viruses. In the Black Sea zone, cyber attacks have prominently an economic target, but there are many threats.

Also, terrorist analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk in the Caspian zone are using the Net in analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk to receive financing.

For example, Romania took. Therefore, governments in this zone. Pe Internet, el este o. Dar, Imperiul a mai avut dintotdeauna o. Imperiul actual ca fiind conglomerat globalist condus de Statele Unite, bazat pe. Internetul, Via Americana - Via Pax sau Via Bellum? Service izolate sau organizate. Acestea pot avea, sau nu, un scop ideologic. Atacurile electronice cu scop distructiv. Atacurile DoS asupra site-urilor Internet sunt cel mai des orchestrate, simpla.

Hackerii americani au replicat prin distrugerea a. Ca urmare, New Delhi a. Aceste grupuri de indivizi. Atacuri electronice cu scop comercial.

De fapt, cauza era un virus. De asemenea, s-a format. De asemenea, Internetul este. KYLIISKE MOUTH RAMSAR SITE. PURPOSE OF THE MISSION. The Government of Ukraine wishes, with the consent of all parties.

Several choices have been proposed as to the routing of this. At present, three choices are still under discussion. As requested by the.

Ukrainian Ambassador to France, and Permanent Delegate to UNESCO, Yuriy. Danube Biosphere Reserve Dunaisky Biospherny Zapovidnik designated by. Reserve in the Danube delta. The mission took place at the invitation of the State. Agency for Protected Areas of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural.

Ukrainian National Commission for UNESCO. The area covered by the Danube Biosphere Reserve DBR was listed by. Ukraine under the Ramsar Convention as a Wetland of International Importance on. Convention gives special attention to assisting Contracting Parties in the.

This is carried out through Ramsar Advisory Missions, a. The report summarizes the findings of. THE UKRAINIAN PART OF THE DANUBE DELTA. Choice A envisages a waterway situated in the "Bystre Gyrlo" branch of. DBR and Ramsar Site - part of the trans-boundary Danube Delta Biosphere. Reserve and Ramsar Site in Ukraine and Romania.

Academy of Sciences, responsible for managing the DBR through its offices at. Vilkovo, considers this proposal unacceptable. During our meeting with NGO representatives in Odessa, all participants speaking. However, the Ministry of Transport and the state enterprise Delta Pilot Delta. Lotsman consider Choice A as the most feasible and most economic solution. Their view is supported by. Kiev universities, and by the conclusions of a workshop, specially convened in.

Choice B proposes the renewal and modernisation of the hitherto used. This choice, whose impact on valuable parts of the DBR is. Choice C concerns the construction of a sluiced canal in the northern. Choice C is a variant of. This choice is considered as. Geologists analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk geographers of Odessa University.

As the canal would cut only. The Ministry of the. Environment and Natural Resources informed the mission that it was now asking.

Only then will the Ministry adopt a final view with. The respective locations of the proposed alternative waterways, and of. The dotted line no. Bystre branch choice Awith a dotted line indicating the necessary analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk. Improving the functioning of the Biosphere Reserve.

In the context of the examination of the question concerning the. Besides the subject of the location. The maps of the DBR do not yet show a zonation as required for a. UNESCO Biosphere Reserve which specifies a core zone existing, the Dunaiskie.

Plavni Nature Reservea analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk buffer zone not yet delimitedand a. They show, however, the strictly protected. The remaining part of the DBR is identified as its buffer zone. Scientists from Odessa Mechnikov National University pointed. Plavnimainly composed of freshwater ponds and lakes surrounded by extensive. National Universityii a buffer zone be delimited adjacent to the core zone to help. The Ramsar Convention has elaborated guidelines for management.

They are accessible at sajoty.darktech.org res. In the context of the sustainable management of the Biosphere Reserve. The mission recognizes the socio-economic importance of. A Strategic Environmental Assessment plan for the. Danube port facilities, preferably outside the Biosphere Reserve and Ramsar Site. With the opening of a waterway through the DBR, the need to monitor.

The elaboration of a monitoring. The opening of a visitors' centre for the DBR in Vilkovo with support from. WWF was noted with satisfaction, as well as the joint projects under way between. However, the development of. The unique beauty and setting of Vilkovo, the "Venice. The objective to re-establish a waterway through the Ukrainian part of.

Delta Pilot assured the mission that. The geographical separation of the waterway from areas with important. Unfortunately, such a solution. Sea, avoiding built up areas and those important for biodiversity including the DBR. Therefore, the remaining waterway choices for the Ukrainian Danube. By proposing to separate the. Choice C is here because of its cutting through the only intact.

Danube delta there are more extensive areas on the Romanian side. This provides appreciated leisure and picnic areas for the. Some scientists are concerned about the possible impacts of the canal. If Choice C were to be chosen, a. Independent of a possible canal construction or not.

Furthermore, this sluiced canal would cut in its northern part through. Some scientists fear that the construction of the canal would isolate the Solonyi Kut. Navigation versus delta dynamics. By their very nature, river deltas are dynamic and unstable in geo- and. Processes of sedimentation mainly carried. The best long-term option is to avoid.

The core zone of the DBR and its. The long-term efforts needed for dredging the waterway to maintain the. Any waterway vis când atunci viermi ce a natural.

The need for compensation of ecological damage. Parties to "designate suitable wetlands within [their] territories for inclusion in the. Contracting Party in whose territory the wetland is situated. Contracting Party shall have the right … because of its urgent national interests, to. Contracting Parties may take into account when invoking their right to restrict the.

Choice A to construct a waterway through the Bystre branch would need. The mission was told by Delta Pilot that the. However, the managers of the Click here fear that this would result. The mission was not shown substantial. It follows therefore that specific habitat. In order to make this compensation valid, it.

Such habitat compensation would need to be effective at the latest by. This will require quality control measures of the works. Given this constraint imposed by the obligations inherent in. Choice B to re-open the former waterway using the Ochakivsky branch. This would require more dredging. Also, most probably works to re-design the technical. Given the former use of this. Engineering works to re-open this waterway would.

Bystre which would take place in a pristine natural part of the delta. It should also identify possible needs and. The need for transboundary cooperation.

The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve was declared a transboundary. They shall at the same time endeavour to coordinate and. It is therefore strongly. Assessment on navigation through the different parts of the Danube Delta be.

Bilateral consultation and coordination on these. There was a general agreement by all Ukrainian parties on the need for. Analyses of earlier investigations show that no ideal solution is possible. Government of Ukraine is to be supported in its continued efforts to find the best. UNESCO Man-and-Biosphere Programme and the Convention on Wetlands. In the short time it had available, the mission learnt about the positions of.

Danube river branch, choice B to re-open analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk formerly used Ochakivsky Danube. Solomonov Danube branch to the Zhebryanskaya bay of the Black Sea. It is therefore recommended that an impartial study.

The reports already established and presented to the mission do. As it is not feasible to construct a waterway outside of the Danube. Biosphere Reserve for its excessive costsall three remaining choices will afflict. It is therefore important to restrict those impacts to an utmost minimum. Preventing damage rather than.

Ecological compensation measures need to be planned and executed. Based on these premises, and comparing the three choices outlined. This is because of the damage choice A would afflict on the natural environment. Among the three alternatives analysed, choice B Ochakivsky proves to. It would provide rapid socio-economic benefits by repairing and using existing.

However, in the long term, it is. Reserve, as advocated by many stakeholders. In the long term, the most sustainable solution is to analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk a waterway.

To this end, choice C sluiced canal. The mission was told that its heavy investment. In any case, there is a trade-off to be gained. In addition to the ecological compensation measures needed for each.

Our special thanks are due to our two guides, Mr. Komarchuk of the Ministry. Our sincere thanks for. Tymoshchenko, mayor of Vilkovo, Mr. Bezdolnyi, director of the Delta. Pilot state company, and Mr. Orel and his collaborators from the Ukrainian. The Ukrainian national committee for Man and. Biosphere, and especially its vice-chairman Professor Voloshyn, are acknowledged. We greatly appreciate the access that was provided to us. We also acknowledge the friendliness.

Arrival at Odessa airport in analize cu privire la viermi de sânge de la Minsk afternoon. Welcome by Sergiy Komarchuk, deputy head of the State. Agency for Protected Areas within the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, Kiev, and. Captain Konstantyn Syzov, deputy director on technical exploitation of canals and fleet of the state. Transport to the offices of the DBR at Vilkovo. Dinner with our guides and host plus Dr. Mykhailo Zhmud, senior researcher - ornithologist of the DBR, and Vilemir Zizak, director of.

Proectgidrostroy consulting and engineering company, Odesa. Overnight accommodation in the building. Reception by the mayor of Vilkovo, Ivan Tymoshchenko, at the town hall. Visit of the exhibit in the. Boat trip with the Coast Guard to the sites of choice A Bystre. Gyrlo and choice B Ochakivsky Rukav branch and Prorva canal. Lunch with our guides, host and the. In the evening, brief visit to the site of.

Then, departure for Odesa and overnight hotel. Discussion with geographer, Professor Yurii Shuiskyi at Mechnikov National University, Odessa. Meeting with representatives of NGOs personally with V.

Osipov of the South Ukrainian Ecological. Korzyukov, assistant professor of zoology at Mechnikov. National University, Ms S. Departure from Odessa for the navigation monitoring and supervision centre of the Delta Pilot company.

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